Our Services


Tarot Reading, 30,000g: What does the future hold?  Is a mount drop in your future or perhaps a party wipe?  Some of our entertainers are versed in tarot reading and are available to provide possible insight to your future!

Body Shots, 20,000g:  Has a member of our staff caught your eye?  They may be available for a body shot!  Join them on the bar throne and try your favorite shot with them as they pour your favorite drink for you in unique ways!

Private Dance, 50,000g per 15 minutes :  Are you looking to personalize your experience?  Hire your favorite dancer for a one on one dance!

Red Petals of Baron Florist:  Has someone caught your eye?  Do you want to make a good impression?  Our flower booth sells most common colored bouquets for 5,000g and we will deliver the bouquet to someone in the venue for an additional 10,000g surcharge as well as making it anonymous if you wish.  For rare flowers or custom orders, contact us in advance!

Slots: Try your luck on a random roll and earn 2, 3, or even 7 times your wager of 10,000g to 50,000g (In 10,000g increments).

21: Face off against our dealer to earn double your wager of 10,000g to 50,000g (In 10,000g increments) in this dice game based loosely off Blackjack!

Fate's Fortune: Face off against two dealers to guess what card they draw to earn double or even triple your wager of 10,000g to 50,000g (In 10,000g increments).

Contender to the Throne: Four to Six patrons face off in a drinking game where the last one standing wins 150,000g!  (50,000g buy in to play).

Skybox Slapdown: Patrons face off in a competitive dice game where the last one standing wins half of the overall pot!  (50,000g buy in to play).

Please note that higher wagers than 50,000g are allowed by our VIP Patrons at the VIP table.


Make your night with us one to remember!  Using our photo booth or a spot of your choosing in or near the venue, we offer the current packages:

Standard:  Normal clothes and emote poses, expertly filtered.  Up to five participants.
50,000g and 5,000g for every participant beyond the five with a maximum of ten total.

Strike a Pose:  Normal clothes and a choice of preselected poses by the photographer, expertly filtered.  Up to  two participants.  100,000g and 25,000g for every extra person.

Dealer's Choice:  Photographer selects mods and poses, expertly filtered.  Up to two participants.  100,000g and 25,000g for every extra person.

Professional:  Pick from a selection of mods and poses, expertly filtered.  Up to two participants.  150,000g and 50,000g for every extra person.

Custom:  Contact one of our photographers in our Discord to discuss!


A Casual Encounter, 75,000g per 30 minutes : Enjoy a pleasant conversation and the undivided attention of one of our companions or courtesans.  Friendly, excellent conversationalists, this time will be well spent.  

An Intimate Affair, 100,000g per 30 minutes  Sometimes conversation is not enough.  Sometimes you may be looking for something a little Extra in your RP experience.  If this is what you are looking for, perhaps one of our skilled courtesans can help!

Venue Rentals

Do you have a large event and need a venue?  Be it a Free Company event, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or any other gathering where you want the best, we can host your party!

All quotes for this are custom based off the day/time/staff, but the minimum rental is always 500,000g an hour at a minimum.