Meet the Staff

Venue Management

Lance, Proprietor of The King's Bounty Cabaret
"If you talk the talk but don't walk the walk, then walk yourself out of my sight."
Baronian Hyur
Gender:  Male
Likes:  Entertaining, tanking, making people laugh, creating strong connections, loyalty, confidence, kindness.
Dislikes:  Hypocrites, fakes, takers, carry recipients who claim they are skilled, drama, professional victims.

Cayleigh, General Manager of The King's Bounty Cabaret
"Let's play a drinking game...  I bet I'll win."
Baronian Hyur
Gender:  Female
Likes:  Ice cream, plushies, flowers, drinking, dancing, and flirting.
Dislikes:  She wouldn't say she dislikes anything, but her tastes are rather picky.

Venue Supervisors

Ashe Harvey, Floor Supervisor and Photographer
"Internal screeching"
Race:  Baronian Hyur
Gender:  Female
Likes: Taking pretty photos, snacks, and spending time with those close to her.
Dislikes:  Anyone who hurts her or her friends, pushy people, and hot weather.

Delicious Mancake, Security Supervisor
"How may this garden of manliness aid you today? <3"
Race:  Sea Wolf Roegadyn
Gender:  Male
Likes: Strength, muscles, beauty, protecting others, love, nude oil wrestling. 
Dislikes:  Troublemakers, greed, evil.

House Performers

April Cleo, Performance Dancer
"Am potate, I am a professional! aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"
Race:  Raen Au Ra
Gender:  Female
Likes:  Dance, WHM, Sunshine, Glitter, Friendos.
Dislikes:  Angery.

AuRal Delight, Bard Duet
Charlotte Sometimes & Poetic Justice
Race:  Xaela Au Ra
Gender:  Female
Likes:  RP, Housing, Glamours, Gold Saucer, GPose, and MUSIC!
Dislikes:  Doing any content but loves the story!

Ceris Shivan, Bard and Photographer
"You have been nothing but delightful, if a bit lecherous."
Race:  Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te
Gender:  Female
Likes: Writing music, helping others, taking photos.
Dislikes:  Toxic people and elitism.


Nevaeh, Courtesan
"When you pray at this alter, you may go to Heaven or Hell!"
Race:  Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te
Gender:  Female
Likes: Grinding for glams. mounts, and minions, seeing your future or pleasing your inner desires.
Dislikes:  Boring and judgmental people, and indecisiveness.

Suki, Courtesan and Tarot Reader
"When you fall, get back up."
Race:  Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te
Gender:  Female
Likes: Cuddles, traveling to new places, trying new food, dancing.
Dislikes:  Arguments, cold weather.

Toragar, Courtesan
"Running in the strawberry fields and smelling like strawberries."
Race:  Helions Hrothgar
Gender:  Male
Likes: Listening to music ,hanging in VC ,playing or streaming games with people, making jokes, cuddles and pets and being loved by all.
Dislikes:  Rude and judgmental people, being left out, false rumors, hurting people's feelings.

Zofia, Courtesan
"I am always here for anyone who may need help!"
Race:  Xaela Au Ra
Gender:  Female
Likes: Dancing with friends, talking to strangers, and living like everyday is the last.
Dislikes:  Rudeness and selfishness.

Our Amazing Staff!

Brockrose Loambudd, Server
"I may not know my rotation, but I know a bitch when I see one."
Race:  Raen Au Ra
Gender:  Female
Likes: Memes, snacks, adventures, talented bards.
Dislikes:  Deadlines, messes, market board undercutters.

Ichika Fuyuno, Bartender and Server
"Everything is worth at least one try!"
Race:  Veena Viera
Gender:  Female
Likes: Wine, pasta, and gathering.
Dislikes:  Lying, spinach, and long waits.

Inkor Vaskashin, Table Dealer
"Keep moving forward, no matter what."
Race:  Raen Au Ra
Gender:  Male
Likes: Books, blacksmithing, adventuring, sparring, bars, bartending, and (secretly) cooking.
Dislikes:  Leviathan, going out on open water, bad lies, poorly made equipment.

Jupiter Retrograde, Social Media Specialist
"It's always darker before the dawn. ♥"
Race:  Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te
Gender:  Female
Likes: Cats, video games, and one-liners.
Dislikes:  Pickles, liars and roaches.

Livianna Lee'alter, Server and Greeter
"Diamonds might be a girl's best friend, but I'll be yours."
Race:  Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te
Gender:  Female
Likes: Mount and glam collecting, RPGs, and history.
Dislikes:  Stupid and bigoted people and low drop rates.

Michael Ryoto, Security
"I can't rhyme."
Race:  Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te.
Gender:  Male
Likes: Roleplaying, seeing others happy, music, cooking, warm places, and fighting.
Dislikes:  Bad healers, stupid people, and waiting.

Misti Smoketail, Bartender
"I promise you nothin' and deliver less."
Race:  Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te
Gender:  Female
Likes: Her Scythe collection, bad jokes, music, uppercuts, being chaotic, friends.
Dislikes:  People who upset her friends, her voice, people who can't take a joke.

Runa Lightfang, Greeter and Florist
"Save the planet, eat yourself."
Race: Xaela Au Ra
Gender:  Female
Likes: Cheesy romance novels/movies, a wide rang of music, flowers, good conversation and the sense of feeling like I belong.
Dislikes:  RP with no real description or details.